The Mountain

The mountain that we built, the mountain that fell down
Filled up the ocean so everyone could drown
And I dunno why I held on for so many years
I could have cried another ocean with my tears
But now that it is over, long long lost and gone
I don’t feel sad at all, instead I feel strong
To build up the storm, to quench the Argonaut
What did we make, a love or just something that hurts a lot
A bargain that will break, hands that shouldn’t hold
I held you into me now the story’s being told
And I wish I hadn’t willfully in all my blind
Told you it doesn’t matter, there’s nothing that I mind
And give you leave to cut, give you leave to break
You don’t even mean to do it, you don’t see what you take
And until I remove the power and short
The circuit that I’m living with its always an abort
Of real love and true cause real love is pure
Real love doesn’t say I amn’t really sure
But pours all of the light back into the sky
I don’t love you at all and you’re the reason why

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