Better Luck Next Time

That startling moment when you realise
That none of this is real
All the love and all the heartbreak
And everything you feel
Has all been imagined
In the grand design
I thought that this was love
I thought that you were mine
But it turns out to reckoning
And every present heart
That though you held all of me
I didn’t hold a part
Not a single corner
Nor a fragment of my soul
Was to come close
Enough to make you whole
And it was arrogance
Pure deceit in me
To ever think that I
Could be what you want to be
So I let the teardrops fall
And I gather up the gifts
That I bought for someone else
That I used to miss
And growing into shoes
That give me back my feet
I’ll see you in the sunset
Or where the lions meet
Underneath a sky
Never to be born
I thought that I loved you
But I wasn’t even warm

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