God it feels so good to say those words
I was building a patchwork quilt
And with every stitch I’d sow
There was a dagger in the hilt
And I’d feel the fire burn
I would feel the knife pierce
You know the one that stings
When they call you insincere
Though you’re being raw
Though you’re being red
The shadowplay of circumstance
In the things they said
And I line up all the plants
I line up all the rows
I line up all the gasoline
Til the whole thing blows
And its a damnable relief
Its a beautiful sigh
To watch the eve runs
Run my teardrops dry
And what it all comes down to
Is the magnitude of this
The one I loved
Simply did not exist
But as an archetype
Growing in my mind
I left to follow him
And you were behind
But don’t turn your back on Scar
Because you know what he will do
Mufasa and his brother
But he lives in you
And if you’re willing to
He will be born anew
I thought the King was dead
But it just isn’t you