Well intentioned but stupid, raise your hand, that’s me
When you fall in love with everything you see
And everything is fabulous and everything is joy
And there in that spot, everything’s a boy
And I how I ran my veins blood dry
Nevermind the glands that teach you how to cry
Trying to be perfect, something that I’m not
Trying to be anything you have not forgot
But you stuck the knife in, when you readily denied
That you had ever seen me and the rivers that I lied
So I cut the stream mid cycle and I vanished form the air
Am I a psychopath, was he really there
Or was it all envisioned, envisioned in my soul
I tend to be a dreamer, did I dream up his soul
And you say with a sigh, but sighing is no good
You paid for me with silver so they could have my blood
And now that it is over, now that it is done
I’ve learned to trust nobody, coz no one is the one
There is only me, indeed there is only I
The one impenetrable that will never die
Coz everything is dust, just a passing folly
Next time I go shopping, I won’t put you in the trolley

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