The Castle’s Keep


Abstinence makes the heart grow stronger
Now I don’t need him any longer
Like the deep, dark deprave
Of eyes I used to crave
But when he pulled me from the height
To plunge me deep into the night
It was then I realised
My dependency is despised
And he is free to live his life
And I to move without strife
So I cut the cord anew
If I can’t have all of you
Then I will make do
With nothing until I prove
To myself that I am free
And he is not needing me
But in the bulletproof I long
I found I was already strong
And needed not the armory
To protect him from me
But drop the weapons and the gun
Drop the shield, you are undone
And come crawling on your knees
Its fine if you want to believe
Cause only following a wire
Will lead you to where its higher
And I am not to keep you out
If you want to know what I’m about
But here the wounds in my hands
The Doubting Thomas understands
And so do I that people need
Trust before they’ll concede
That truth is its own defence
I say things only when they’re meant
And like Clark I do not lie
I would not have met your eye
If I could not follow through
Here’s evidence enough for you
So read the cautionary tale and weep
Abandonment and the Keep

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