Grief hit me like a cold hard storm
When I lost him to the warm
And I craved another shore
Why do I always want more?
And to travel around the bend
Like Poca’s canoe without end
But there is a firm decide
You can’t see the other life
You can’t move beyond the pale
The black card is made of shale
And I could no sooner shatter glass
Than Donald Trump could have class
But somehow part of me leads
And the rest just believes
As I’m dragged by what, I don’t know
I’ve got something to show
But leaving the path of others
Means abandoning your brothers
To the pyramid scheme of lies
They have lived with all their lives
And when its gone its gone in you
But moves in the others too
As you watch their eyes alight
Then dim like flickered firelight
And I swore I’d bet my life
Take me now or I will, alright
I made a bargain dare with God
I’ll know the Truth or you’ll know the Lord
That walks in these very shoes
And in front of all of yous
A lightening hit me from the sky
And in truth I did die
To dare the chasm to come forth
I move and walk without remorse
With the emptiness of my soul
Moving like a black whole
That no light can escape
Its held within my red cape
And you may not see it, you may not know
But I change air as I go
Feel the reverberatory sigh
Its time for this dream to die

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