Does anything mean anything these days?
I know I’m set in my ways
And people tell me I’m an old soul
Or stock like when the land was whole
But its no wonder to me that people depress
When they live their lives in such undress
Always moving, always going
Keep keeping on and never slowing
And I know the old adage
Distract yourself and it will save
But I could never buy bullshit
Just coz they tell me to do it
And be left with muck in my hands
I experiment with their demands
But keep coming up with faeces
I drop the lot and the creases
And smooth out my dress so fine
Honesty will be mine
Because I’ve walked shadows for too long
And your way is just wrong
And I for my part played along
But my heart is just too strong
To keep on living like a fool
Like they teach you in school
So I break rank and warm
Say turn to face the storm
You will not perish, you will not die
In fact your skin will come alive
And you will be pumped anew
The life will come back to you
Instead of draining by degrees
Like Chinese torture on your knees
Don’t shut your mouth or up shop
Just because it hurts a lot
Spill it on the carpet there
Let the world know you care
And even if nobody turns
It only coz their heart burns
To do the exact same thing
Be free as a bird on the wing
Who can fall from a tree with no self pity
I was born to abandon this empty city

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