The Cold Hard Fact


Why does regular love feel so mundane?
Am I using the wrong side of my brain?
As I hop between the lines they draw
The icicles that never thaw
Because they are all so dull
A grey world living in my skull
When I look at the people move
I think of what I have to lose
Around like a rotary blade machine
Each day doing the same thing
How in the world can they be satisfied
Living that kind of life
And I’m alone, I know, sure
But at least I am free and pure
As people say I think too high
But I would rather die
Than give up the innocent bone
That I chew on when I’m at home
And rings my bell and moves my feet
All day long and in my sleep
And maybe somehow it is the same
But I feel they don’t know my name
Or ever see me or ever know
Would they miss me if I go?
Well sure, in theory like when I flew
To NY and you did too
And the body’s absent but the soul
Hasn’t gone and is still whole
So even though they build a lie
I can’t believe and I don’t know why
“You must move on” they say
But he only died yesterday
And everyone’s back ticking their clock
So when they say they love me a lot
I tend to think that they do not
How could they when they fill the slot
The gap, the absence, that people leave
They don’t take the time to really grieve
But up and go and out the door
Its fine, I don’t love you no more

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