The Sacred Heart


The Sacred Heart is not a sword
All kneel in the name of the Lord
All bow in the eve of thunder
The veil of the Temple will be torn asunder
And be remade in three days hence
A metaphor in the present tense
For I walk with no Godly feet
But the Earth I love I will meet
To walk in the Saviour Skin
Yes it is, I am him
Though Pilate questions me so long
His questioning runs on
And meets itself to reverb
The selfishness it was born to serve
As all gods of the latter fact
They see the Truth and retract
So let me be put out to slaughter
The mob will name me as their daughter
And Barabbas is just an excuse
Of the game that you abuse
For though you are a man of rock
I am That, are you not?
And to name me King on a sign
While death is the design
Of the Caesar all men follow
Don’t you know these things are hollow
So keep the coins you collect
Anyway they are suspect
When embellished with a liar’s tongue
I could see when I was young
Standing in my Father’s house
Until she pulled me out
And you rebuke but no remorse
Will be shown but the full force
Of my commitment to devote
And silence waters in a boat
The hangman may have his noose
But I was born to cut you loose
So if it is that blood must spill
Here are my hands, as You will.



Artwork by: Belinda Fireman

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