The angry Jesus, I can relate
Look what these fuckers do in this place
As he spills tables and chairs
And coins on floors of shouldn’t be theres
I see a tortured sky
Of darkness that’s coming by
To make all the orphans scream
And cut me down mid dream
For I rose to be a protectress free
And look what they did to me
Here are my hands, see the wounds
You will get your answer soon
For all things are seen with a greater eye
Nothing lives that will not die
And nothing moves that doesn’t breathe
There’s nothing here I will not leave
So when you come with half a heart
I do not even start
Because I know what it will be
And its not good enough for me
Only the shining light of the soul
Resplendent to make me whole
Pouring from the infinite
Illuminate my darkest night
When it seems you’ve forsaken me
I hear a voice, let it be
And softly I give up the ghost
For the joy of being loved the most