The Garden


In the Garden I sat
In the Garden I lay
As my best friends
All ran away
Or took to sleeping
Amid the folds
Of lustrous leaves
And stories untold
While I cried my tears
Of blood on the grass
Please, my Lord, my God
Let this cup pass
But nevertheless
I will drink from it
If it is your will
Then so be it
And Judas standing
Perfectly there
Betrayed me with a kiss
Who said life was fair?
But Peter running
With his sword
Cuts off ears
In the name of the Lord
While I am standing
By his side
He doesn’t even know
I’m alive
And the rock of ages
Will surely fall
I can see
Through it all
The unfoldment
By degrees
I carry the cross
And crash to my knees
And Simon
From Cyrene
Moves to hold
The devil’s dream
But it is no matter
For this journey ends
As every other
On the fence
Or on the tree
Called crucifix
The thieves they ask
But I amn’t it
Only the King
To be let reign
In every heart
And tearstain
And the blood will fall
And the skin will weep
But the promise I
Will surely keep
To be remade
Anew, anew
In Paradise
I will see you
When this mortal
Veil falls down
I will rise from an ocean
That could never drown
The man born
To walk on water
Except this time
I am God’s daughter
To live a skin
That was made for me
Come gates of hell
And be set free
Come roaring tide
And rushing thunder
I am
Not going under
But be the light
Of this world
To drop the veil
And walk the girl


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