There’s more purpose to this than there seems
We’re not all dreaming different dreams
But unconsciously in the whole
We are connected by the soul
And pick up on the underlie
The fear to live, the fear to die
There is a fine thread
That bridges what I said
So never think you are alone
Millions live because you come home
And end the fight and end the war
Inside, do you know what its for?
When you face that devil down
Your light will know it can’t drown
By any hand, by any degree
Please, my loves, listen to me
For there is a spin and a tired place
And none of this has gone to waste
All the years of arcane
Were getting ready for the rain
That will wash this tide away
For once Peace will come to stay
Nothing at all, then something forever
Love is never a fruitless endeavour
But washings on the walls of luck
I’m not afraid, let me come unstuck
And I will be the artistry
That says, come brother, follow me