Get him to the Greek and Gandalf falls
But I know Frodo will carry on
Because we must burn the ring
In the hellfire of Mordor sting
So Sauron can die himself
In the fire that he made
And I am no heroed shoes
But I swear I will not lose
And the hobbits I recruit
I’ll die for anyone of you
So Balrog come as you are
But you shall not pass this heart
And I stick the ground with my staff
But the lick gets me on the way back
To pull me down into the dark
Where the real battle did start
And you know I thought I’d died
Because my soul screamed that I had lied
In leading people to troubled shores
But there are so much mores
And as my aching bones caved
I thought about how I could have saved
By pre-emptively taking the shot
Instead of Strider and that other lot
But in the Shire things are quiet
But I felt the impending riot
And I apologise, I’m so sorry
My blue tears are in a hurry
But I can’t take it back
So I must second attack
Here rise Gandalf the White
This time I WILL do it right.