Love Hurts


I was never the cool kid in school
But I was the cool kid in school
Always hopscotching on my feet
Tripping through the lies and deceit
Scattered like shattered glass on the floor
They talk a lot but I listen no more
Since that day in the room the sky stuck my skull
I fell from a height so my life isn’t dull
And hit the green carpet with a bang
Shortly after the bell rang
As we were all standing as one being
My vision’s blurring, what am I seeing
Then out like a light to collapse
And I wake up with a laugh
In my soul that I didn’t own
Before God chose me alone
To be the fallen one to rise
To be the one to stay alive
When all the world is burning down
Serenity will be found
By gazing in my súile blue
I died for them and I died for you

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