Me, when my life is going down the drain
Pivot, pivot, great now there’s rain
And my clothes are soaked fucking through
I don’t think the sun likes me, do you?
And the sofa is not going up those stairs
I’m not sure if I’ve lost all my cares
I think I may just drink a beer
And think about how I lost you, dear
Get hammered drunk on New Year’s Eve
And Gagnam Styled like you wouldn’t believe
Making a right old ass of my self
To hide the way I really felt
Coz I’d never been really drunk
And there was something behind filling the trunk
Of cocktails and wine and shots and beer
And God knows what else I could find near
See I’d heard people say oblivion comes
When you drink too much air into your lungs
But try as I might to intoxicate
I couldn’t get you out of my brain
And the more that I tried, the harder it was
I got locked in the bathroom because
I couldn’t figure out what a shut door
Means when it means something more
So I stood there and stared at that wooden frame
I’m never gonna see him again
But I did and I do each and every time
I think “It’s Over!” and so is my shine
Because this world revolves solely for you
And my axis it spins on what you do
So the next time you kick me out the door
Could you leave a bottle of gin or some more
Rum to fill me like Captain Jack Sparrow
Coz the way it is long and the path is narrow
And I’d rather fall with something dulling the pain
Pivot, I said, out in the rain

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