The Force Awakens

Is there anyone out there? Can anyone hear?
The Jedi Master needs you here
Cause there is an imbalance in the force
We need to correct before the tide roars
Before the seas swell and the anchors pull
I need more Light to pierce the dull
I need more humans who are willing
To the bidding and upskilling
Required by Ascension bones
The Lightbodys when they’re at home
But be forewarned and be prepared
There are a million snares
That may snap and cut your foot
They’re hidden and they’re black as soot
So nobody will ever find
Unless they walk across the mine
Through the fields to upend
The bombs that are not our friend
And that must blow once and for all
So I cut them loose and we freefall
Out into the open air
Thank God that you were there
Coz I’m only doing my best
And fail as often as the rest
And fall as much as anyone
You pick me up when I’m undone
And I get back to Gung Ho
Electric Avenues we go
As you pull your pistol out
I raise the flag and we both shout
Forever Truth. Forever Love.
Come At Us If You’re Hard Enough.

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