Love is Non-Polar

True Love has no opposite
True Love is itself
True Love will never tell
It’s Love to go to hell
True Love is non-polar
It cannot turn to hate
So if you’re spewing venom
Then that’s another state
But sometimes when we’re human
And we’re rolling with the tide
We get caught up with the bullshit
That we have kept inside
So its better to be honest
Its better to be real
And spit out all the shit
That you truly feel
Because its there behind the lines
Its there beyond the edge
And its better out than in
As my Grandad always said
So spill it on the paper
Or maybe to a friend
Just externalise
So that it can end
So that it can be seen
So that it can be known
Pull the weed up at the root
And it cannot be grown
It cannot be insidious
Once you make the unconscious clean
At least that’s how I roll
The words will hold my scream

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