Why do I love these dark things that others fear to touch?

The Astral Plane is real as fuck
And Hell can be walked into thus
The Collective Unconscious of the Mind
Is what I leave behind
But not before I perforate
The completeness of that state
So all the souls that live therein
Can find a way back to Him
Yes I walked like Dante’s shoes
Down the levels and throughs
So I could know that Paradise
Is only a distance in your mind
And that no God worth his own salt
Would leave people open to gestalt
And so I dropped my core believe
In a being to relieve
And trusted in my heart and strength
To be the bridge that Heaven sent
To be the one to snap the lens
Because they are all my friends
And I’ll be damned if they are too
No way in Hell I’m leaving you
I was born to close the gates
The Devil and his inmates
Will seek to know and bend the knee
You will go down to me
And I saw the winged Beast
To roar upon me like a feast
But I did not quake or shake
How could I when I seek to take
The spite from his very hands
You’re not an Angel, you’re just a Man
Is what I said to him
And a Fallen One who’s in a spin
And would you just believe
He broke on floors in front of me
With large dark wings around his frame
He spoke and cried upon my name
And when I still did not move
But asked him what he had to prove
He said nothing and let go
He stood up straight and then I know
That to be evil is to be hurt
I could not curse the waked dirt
But only feel compassionate
And ask him to excavate
To which he merely stared to sky
And barely uttered a goodbye
But burst in flames and golden light
The Morning Star to be set right

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