Believe Nothing

I see the Bible like a film
The Archetypes for good or ill
Like Jungian psychology
There is a consistency
Because through out the human kingdom
There is something that they’re seeing
Pick and choose across a race
You’ll see something similar to deface
A kind of constant hope and fear
A love and opposite are near
A light and dark to leave behind
Architecture of the human mind
For animals they have no worry
But mankind is in a hurry
To get everything sorted out
I just watch what they’re about
In a calm and benign state
Everything I can equate
With the equal and the other
The sister and consequent brother
So know the Truth, know is this
Don’t believe it as the deck will list
Shut your eyes and feel the true
Don’t believe what you are told to
But question, question and use
Everything I’ve taught you to
And then the moon and the finger
Won’t be threaded like a Singer
But recognised for what they are
Shining doesn’t make a star
But an aftereffect
Make the essential your quest
And do not deviate the line
Or Victory will be Mine

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