Before I Sleep (Miles and Miles to Go)


Its a lonely job but someone’s gotta do it
It’s a close shave but I’m gonna crew it
Because if I should faint and shake
There won’t be another take
The Earth only has one shot
The years have passed but I have not
And the 100 Year Reign is up
Flowing water out of cup
Here comes the year the seller’s out
He tried his best but no doubt
A failer can never win
Once a Hand is after him
As the Underworld will rise
The upper edges seek demise
To torpedo a nuclear storm
The danger’s passed out of the warm
And the heat should drop off
I’m feeling anyway, cough, cough
And the famine and the wars
Should, in good faith, not settle scores
Because I only walk the step
And the future’s not over yet
But the Death and the decease
I saw has faded to release
No bunkers to protect the race
I feel the solemn disgrace
Of humankind in my bones
So I stepped up to the plate alone
Offered my blood for the money
Now I’m in the land of milk and honey
Sucking diesel as they say
But don’t let me carry away
The real and present danger times
All’s not lost but I didn’t find
That people’s tendency to be cruel
Has let up much since I’ve left school
So anyone who seeks to know
There are many miles to go
Yet there is now more than hope
I feel the Love begin to cope
With the accumulation times
The pinpricks are becoming shines
And I leave it in the hands of babes
The new leaves to wash away
The echelons of the old
The fevers and the cards they fold
Because in risking all that duty
They missed the Collateral Beauty

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