I play the fool, I play it cheap
Play it exactly as I need
Because I don’t want you to know
I spend my life catching the throw
That I myself make
So that others cannot take
The shine from the diamond mines
Pilfering a thousand times
But in all my self deprecate
I may have over boarded it
So that you thought merely I
Respected you with my eye
For your tallness and your strength
And not the darkness that you sent
Not the heaviness you bear
Yes I can see it there
Because my eye is open wide
The Third One that does abide
And it marked out at once
That this one loves more than most of us
And so very deliberately
I sidled you next to me
So I could examine you
But you know what you did too
It was a mutual refrain
And respect inside the pain
I feel, I think, nay I know
You didn’t want me to go
And I did not want to leave
The many years that I grieve
But feel that the right was done
By you and the morning sun
For a moment of distract
And I would not get you back
If I let my guard down there
Satan stands at the lair
So I bid you soft adieu
I promise I’ll be back to you
When the war has been fought
And the villains have been caught
To smile and to be complete
I asked God to let us meet
Just once before we separate
So you would be safer in that state
Because I knew the darkside woes
Follow wherever my hero goes
But being like a nymph in fields
I won’t let up until it yields
Until it backs down and away
I’m not gonna let it stay
But make the world, anew, anew
You must know, surely, it was all for you

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