Commercial Interruption

Ouch, he hit me with a burn
And he had a point to take that turn
But he did not see through the act
And now I can’t get him back
Because I cannot risk the truth
When there are demons after you
And putting you in harms way
Would be more than I could take
To see your face with shards of glass
Lacerated through an overpass
All because I missed the shot
Was too late, or just forgot
So I hang back in the shadows there
Saving people with devil may care
But my eyes are always trained on you
Watching what you’re going to do
Being your stone strong protector
Although you do not suspect her
As anything but the worst of crimes
She’s daring me with diamond shines
So I keep hooded cape and crawl
Down alleyways and city sprawl
Into a den of making bets
So that you won’t catch me yet
But when you do I’ll have the gold
To give you when the story’s told
See there never was another
There only was you brother
And to make you safe and leave
I had to make you believe
That I was no more than surface tension
While you were lost in apprehension
Watching my subterfuge
As though deceit was my deluge
But I would never leave your side
Though you don’t see my eyes
Watching from behind these walls
I was there for it all
In corners and in shadows dark
I see you there with my heart


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