Oh, Christ


I ain’t gonna blow smoke up your ass
If I like you then you’ll know you’re class
In my worldview at least
I don’t play games so you’ll be pleased
I think that’s why it hurts so much
When the underhand starts to touch
And I realise then in truth
I am nothing to you
And in the vicissitudes of pain
You poured down acid rain
When I had proffered my soul
You cut the pieces in the hole
And handed me back the shattered glass
You know that this will last
Because when I break window panes
I make sure I leave wind vanes
So you’ll know my sacred storm
When it blows around you warm
Thought that you could handle me
Think that you are really free
Well lets just put that to the test
I fell and you know what comes next
To the hurricane of you
I bunkered out til you were through
Then sought to be the analyze
Like the film, you know those guys
So they outsmart the tsunami
But its like using origami
To fly a plane in high winds
And I think for my sins
I learned to rise above the clouds
Is the same as underground
A place where peace comes dropping slow
A place that you can never go
And when I return
I’ll be like Jesus in the urn
Or in the boat when he said; “Be Still”
Obey me and I hope you will
Because the waters calm themselves
When the Master knows himself
But they still hung him on a tree
Like what they’re going to do to me

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