I Hope This Ireland We’re Fighting For Is Worth It

I’ve always had freedom in my bones
I’m not sure if I can blame it on my home
Cause Fenian blood runs in my veins
I have to hold back from the bloodstains
Because the fire alights whenever I see
What they’ve done to them, what she’s done to me
And I can’t help but rise in righteous fury
Become God, the Judge and the Jury
And to hold a rifle in my hand
Would mean that on my command
Another heart would cease to beat
That’s cold as ice, no that’s not heat
And yet the rebel defiant shout
Rings in my ears when it goes out
And I have to stop my hands from moving
Towards the game I’m always losing
Coz you start a war, you’ll have to stop
You prevent peace by turning it off
But the burgeoning in my soul
Commands me to move for the sake of the Whole
For there are children who die in the sea
The desert of life, eternally
While I in my room, muse about life
And what it means to take a life
Saddam is rushing and Dubaya too
While the innocents die between the two
Iraq was the new carnage of years
I tried not to cry when I saw the tears
And the buildings and the shattered homes
The dreams that break, the all alones
The honesty they’ll never meet
The devils walk with human feet
And though I know in all honesty
That there is a wolf inside of me
I’m afraid of her, lest she bark
And turn, like the others, to the dark
For the power it fuels me, the power it fills
And the Godly inside of me, it wills
Sometimes there is no way to hold back the river
Young Alchemist, Maktub, so I will give her
To be used, at your behest
The vessel that will answer the quest
And rise like a light, rise like the Source
I’ll give up the ghost and forget the remorse

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