Do You Know?

The conflict between the outer and inner
Do you need a woman to make your dinner?
And can you admit the conflagrate
How you contribute to that state
To keep the females beaten down
Or at least not too far above the ground
At least not too high above their station
Don’t forget who runs this incantation
And where in the world would we be
If it wasn’t for the girl inside of me
The one who’s oceans rivers rush
It was never just a crush
But when you accomplice the fate
Did you know what lay in wait
And do you know what you shatter
When you posit her as the mad hatter
For the crime of loving you red raw
When will the icicles thaw
And admit to themselves what they have done
Just coz I love you doesn’t mean I’ll succumb

To the whereforth and whenceforth whys
Every time you say it a fairy dies
Somewhere far away from you
But the words were clear and I listened too
As the wetness glistens your lips
An impending eclipse
Where the sun and moon all collapse
Into a darkness that won’t have you back
Into a midnight and into my lair
The horoscope said you’d be there
But I’ve spent too much time reading stars
And not enough breaking bars
Breaking walls of supposition
What is this, the Spanish Inquisition
For the crime of being a little too real
Don’t think you can tell me how to feel
Because my ambition in life is not perfection
But shattering ceilings in an insurrection
And being happy with who I am
Is the Signature of Divine, my man

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