In the Republic of I
The soul is sacrosanct
And when I’m told who to be
And who I should’ve thanked
For the gratitude
Of being so allowed
To run the veins inside my skin
That I can’t do without
But I up and rebel,
Rebel, rebel, rebel
My heart and circulation
I do not need to tell
How to be red
And how to be warm
You read a hurricane
You don’t tell it not to storm
You don’t tell it not to be
Exactly what it is
And I was born to be myself
Not something that is his
But stand alone and replete
In the lonely outpost wall
If all the world should fall for you
I still wouldn’t call
But meet the Whitewalkers
As they’re crawling from the trees
I’m of the Night’s Watch
You won’t see me on my knees
Or cowering a slumber
Because it is commonplace
I’ll be the last defense
Against the dark deface