Ah, Hell No.


Stand up for yourself, don’t be pushed around
My doormat self went underground
As I rose to quell the unjust
The untruths replaced the trust
And I in ardent self defence
Accused and asked where it went
And why with so much intent
Would you like to see my kindness spent
But being met with daggers and knifes
Love won’t cut the mustard, I soon realised
At least as its always been
I must kill the girl to become the queen
And so embedded in my cocoon
I locked the door of my room
And let the butterfly grow wings
I sacrificed my everythings
To stand for what I know is right
I’ll be nobody’s bitch tonight
And it may take pain to transform
But I’d rather be really warm
Than grow cold and dead inside
Just so I can stay alive
So bring the trouble, I’m not afraid
My forest is an everglade

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