You’re like a drink of water on a hot day
I’m thirsty as fuck and you don’t go away
You just hold your hand out to me
Wait there until I trust what I see
And coax me slowly out of my shell
The others can see but they do not tell
Half of what they think they know
The thing about you is that you do not go
Even when I falter the edge
You brush it off like strands on the ledge
And I can tell honestly that you believe
That givers know best when they receive
And lovers must for a time or two
Be taken in love for it to flow through
And rebuild the story that someone would break
“It’s not your fault, they don’t know what they take
When they take it all from hands that shake
Its not for you but everyone’s sake”
And I fall into eyes that blaze me honest
“I’m no genius but you can trust me on it
I’ve been round the block a winter or two
I’m in love with a hero and here’s looking at you.”
*raises glass
Thank you <ℑ

Photo Credit: AngiWallace on DeviantArt