Rose Garden


Study for your exams before you take ’em
Look at the person before you forsake them
Because all may not be as it appears
And I am crying diamond tears
To reflect your perfect shards
The rainbow in the house of cards
That falls whenever the wind blows
He comes around before he goes
And my hands are not stone strong
I wonder how I did it wrong
When I only sought to be
The best of love emotionally
And I thought he would admire
The way I set the world on fire
Instead of punishing the flames
That rise in snakes from surnames
For though you may be all Air
Aries burns with its own flair
So take me not to town for this
I’m myself, that’s all it is
As people pull me to and fro
I SWEAR I will not go!
And I suppose to be misled
When you were only in my bed
Thinking of the vast divine
And roses that would be mine
When the folly comes to be
Its fine, just blame it on me

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