Secret Conversations

Our secret conversations paint the dead of night
Whether silent moon bound talks or songs whispering twilight
I can hear your soul whether you’re near or far away
In the quiet of the dark or calm moments of the day
I can almost hear your heartbeat and hope that you hear mine
It seems you do, like all else, somehow they intertwine
You are a mystery to me and a bundle of joy
I can’t believe how in this life this girl met such a boy

You illuminate the pavements as they’re dancing with the stars
I see your face in rainbows as they break down all my bars
One touch to me and I am changed like elements colliding
Somehow what has come over me unwavering, abiding
Washes me like a wave and sweeps along my shore
Til I fall into your arms, I can’t resist it anymore
I don’t know how to be stone strong when I’m looking in your eyes
Can’t hold up in your sight as you strip away my lies
Fall into a hug, you catch me like a pillow
Curl around me, one and two, til I’m swaying like a willow

Whatever I could be for you would be my heart’s delight
As I sing out a melody that’s born from firelight
My hands, it seems, were made to hold and help you if I can
Tears wipe away the rivers as you tell me all your plans
I know I am an ocean and stretch out like the sea
It’s just that you’re the sky and reflect yourself in me
I know we’re uncontained, no borders hold us in
It’s just to love you as I am is freedom to my skin

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