I’m not a fan of castigation though I’d say I have friends
I have a power deep inside and Lord knows it never ends
But when they place me in a box and put a stamp on my head
I fire up my pistols and leave ’em all for dead
But it never does me any good because the time comes around
When the mob is all gung ho and I hear a ringing sound
And as the shot fires out into the cold, dead night
I feel a burning in my chest and my heart is set alight
By the fuming of their words, by the hatred in their veins
Why is it that I am beset with hunger pains?
When the other is starving for beast or bread or money
I lie there all bent up and Christ it isn’t funny
To be so undone and so beaten down
Do you know there was a time when I ran this town
And maybe I must give up the kinging in my blood
For a chance to be sacred, you know, really good
In actuality, not just in defiance
So fuck your suitable, I’m the queen of non-compliance.

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