New and a bit Alarming

If he comes near me I’ll fall in love
It won’t be calm, I’ll swoop down like a dove
It won’t be “Talk to you later” and “I’ll call you then”
Its where are you now and where have you been
Its tell me your secrets and tell me your dreams
Shimmering lake water reflecting sunbeams
No boundaries to hold me in like the tide
I’m free flowing and moving, unable to hide
No sensible moments where I hold myself back
But showing it all as I bear what I lack
I won’t play by the rules of see him once a week
I’ll be calling his house to just hear him speak
Men in movies seem nuisances around
Didn’t know his voice was a wondrous sound
I thought I wouldn’t need, would take it or leave it
But he’s got me good and I can hardly believe it
I thought I’d be fine, a wealth of common sense
But when I meet his eyes he collapses my tents
I have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide
When I’m around him I’m there in plain sight
He has the ball and I couldn’t dodge if I tried
He’s moving in close and my nerves are all fried
But he just talks so gentle and never raises his voice
As if he can feel me slip away in this choice
As if somehow he knows the fear in my heart
And is extra quiet so he won’t make me start
I find I can breathe though he’s in the room
And when he’s away I pray he’ll come soon
To be captured like this by a man that I know
Is more peace in my soul than I’m able to grow
To be trapped by him in a place I can’t leave
Is serenity, rest, as I hang on his sleeve
He has given me something that I didn’t own
Acceptance complete is what he has shown

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