I tell them nothing because they conflate
What I love with what I hate
And piece together a world of shards
They make my life so damn hard
As I beg for a moment to be alone
They decide to confiscate my phone
And pulverise my hopes and dreams
Hang my head on their moonbeams


But there’s is a harrow I could never believe
They don’t know love but they hang on my sleeve
Trying to make me forsake
Something I’m given, no I didn’t take
For it was offered by a heart that’s huge
And I’m not down with their deluge
Of words and words of rain and rain
Blame him but you are the pain


So I tell them nothing because they don’t understand
I hide my eyes and I have planned
To upend their canoe
I do not belong to you
My heart is in another home
My heart belongs to him alone
Who could ever kiss my sky
Let him go? I’d rather die.

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