Diamonds on the Inside

love boy

The talkers can meet the back of my hand
People tear down what they don’t understand
And people taboo what they don’t know
You love someone and they tell you so
You must do this and then do that
If he leaves then never come back
And punishment is a state of mind
Make sure he don’t leave you behind!


But I could never fall in with the folly
Of post-feminist work that people call jolly
And I only find a burden to bear
If I love him so then why can’t I care
And why can’t I tell him the stars of the sky
Shine for him only and will only die
When he does into the black of the night
Holding my hand through the hematite


So take your rules and conflagrations
I buy no bull from train stations
And when the last comes to be
You will all look up to me
For blazing a trail that you never could
With freedom to hold and freedom to hug
Whoever the hell I damn well please
I’ll be as I am and rise from my knees

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