Above the Noise

We fought so hard we forgot the love
Til it bitch slapped us with the back of a glove
To dare us to move, to dare us to change
We agree to comply and the world rearrange
To become for us the promised land
Instead of demons dancing underhand
And it took time and it took fate
It might have been anger but it was never hate
Only shadings of vibratory pain
That falls on the ground like acid rain
Burning the plants and burning the trees
And turning it into you against me’s
But what goes up must come down
So goes the law of moving around
But what is still is ever last
It was never born so it can never pass
It was never created so it can never die
It never was never broken and it doesn’t try
To argue for its own good case
Love will never go to waste
Just repair the carnage blues
Fills them up with me and yous

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