I’ve always tried to be the perfect little girl
To match the edge of incomplete or so says the world
But finding myself soft, lost inside your arms
I am more at home with you than I ever was in charms
But breaking into blisters that fall down from the shelf
I realise he knows me like he knows no one else
And I realise he loves me like I never thought could be
He might revolve the earth but his earth revolves me
And when I’m sitting quiet and you’re whispering your dreams
I promise that I’m yours underneath moonbeams
Underneath a thousand skies that could ever come to be
Is the feel of your hand slotting into me
And meeting at the break where my knuckles and my bones
Match yours to a tee in the acres of alones
In the thousands of long gone bys and the millions yet to pass
I am in love with you and will be, as you ask

boy meets girl