Eh, not really No.


I have a problem with feminism
There’s rules and there’s laws and there is a schism
Between what’s heart and between what’s home
There’s an exorcism and people alone
Because I am not afraid of men
They come what may and they again
Seek to know my demise
But I always meet their eyes
For I know I cannot fall
They may as well heed the call
Because my voice is loud and strong
And it cannot go wrong
But all of these irkings from the fold
If you don’t bear down they’ll steal your gold
And we must always be on our guard
Life works better when you’re hard
But a river knows the flow
And love is the way I go
To move with ease around the rocks
Of kindness and forget me nots
Slowly to permeate the hate
With a gradation of concentrate
To break the limestone into shale
And turn the dewdrops into hail

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