Meaning And Loss

Do me a favor
And cut all the bull
I’ve got skin as thin as cotton wool
But I see through you
Oh, what are you gonna do
Just call me out
Coz with every word that spills from your mouth
You’re writing your own death cert in the ether
And you didn’t mind so I guess I don’t either
And you called me a bitch
So I text your wife and be a snitch
You call me a traitor
But I know you hate her
By the way you stare
With emptiness instead of care
And what’s it to me, you say
Well what’s it to you anyway
And we’re just fighting like two bickering strangers
What about the land of the free and foreign invaders
On the political scene
Our opposite poles hold up the dream
Of life and choice
What unites the sides is lack of a voice
So I just surrender
And you remember
All we were before the rule broke
Like a gunshot and a finishing line rope
Who’s first past the post
And what’s left if both of us ghost
The place we knew
If a tree falls in silence who hears it, do you?

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