The Threatening Stone

I can’t be ruled by the threatening stone
A world with me in it all alone
As I get by on each step I take
Dreaming of ways that you might wake
And it’s never on a Sunday when I’m at my brightest
Like water as vapor it still takes the lightest
Voice in the room rise to the sound
And it’s been so long you haven’t been around
And I’ve been getting by
And I really try
To shine but it’s getting dimmer
Each time they repeat that love is a sinner
And I try to hold on to the sword as it stays
Embedded in ice as the music plays
And we rise like a forest out of the ground
Hear winter call like it’s just a sound
As the monument tome to all we once were
Is reimagined one moment with her
And I’ve spent so long trying to gain traction
Then I’m overruled by one interaction
As the speeding van plays the sonnets we know
All for one so don’t let go


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