A Tentative Flowering

I was the white girl in the room
The first time the end came too soon
And I made tea for Nina and Kamile
And you wouldn’t think it but this shit’s real
As I learn things I didn’t know
About how corporate America go
And tear down the African soul
We’re still the colour the waves roll
And I stood out coz of my skin
I was in the lift just silent with him
And he’s got dreads and is so cool
I tell him about DJ in school
But am I just being tone deaf
To walk the way, well what the eff
And what the hell do I know
The privilege of my skin to show
Why is the world this way
And it’s not just what the country say
It’s continental persecution
You have those lives that are so brutal
Just a struggle to survive
So I can find appliances with which to vibe
And do I just become organic
Does that mitigate the titanic
Task of hunger facing us
Why can’t we just learn to trust
And share like children do
But we grasp onto what we think is true
And defend our own positions
That turn into ammunition
With which we can stare the enemy down
But I’m turning tables as we turn around
To a sudden kind of consciousness
It’s a shift in our distress
Away from the heavy handed tide
I care that every child survives
And has a place to call home
More than adequate and all alone
More than just the mute discard
I acknowledge they have it hard
And there is more that I can do
Just tell me what you
Need from me at any time
I don’t want to hoard what is mine
But open arms and let it be
It’s time to wake up and see
And know and sudden realise
That we are one under the skies
So blue and heavenly open free
You call out and destiny
Will shake and break this whole thing up
There’s got to be more to Love
Than just watching your own back
Or finding somewhere to attack
There is a season true
It’s one for all and all for you

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