A Stranger’s Motel

Docking at that station would be like pulling into a stranger’s motel
So I let the wind blow and let it go to hell
Because but for all my desire
I could set the whole world on fire
With the plumes of my resident being
It’s more than the surface I’m capable of seeing
As you move in close then pull away
And it was like watching the sunset close the day
And the grief I feel, is that okay
Coz there are a million things I didn’t say
Because I couldn’t commit
To the poet whit
But I know that I loved you so
And there’s no way I want to see you go
Should I just burst back in touch
Exclaim that I love you so much
Or just let you go and be all at sea
I’m not so sure you had the right version of me
But I’d come back to kiss your face
If you’d hold my hand and stand in place
And you’re more than just a memory
You’re a reminder of the best of me
As you look on from afar
I’ll shine on you like a distant star
Still throwing out light years worth
I don’t think we were meant to hurt
But somehow we do, for a while at least
I was smiling though my dress was creased
As you wrap your arm around my waist
It was like the ocean that I faced
And I’m sorry for my part in the play
I just never wanted you to go away

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