Do you have faith in your generation
Not flicking the switch on the radio station
Coz their sounds ain’t what you can hear
And you know I held you dear
Like the forests of rain that fell from the sky
Like living love though you don’t know why
Like melodies and sweet refrains
And, man, you know it’s happening again
As the grand sweep pulls you up in its gaze
You’re tall, dark and Superman to save
And I’m simply awesome with my book of lines
On a notepad there a thousand times
Some Lois Lane or Harriet the Spy
Nancy Drew to the blue in my eye
Writing what I make of life
And you’re a bit of alright
With your steady gaze and shaking hands
You’re like the sea that’s lapping sands
And I hope wherever you are
You notice the light of the star
That burns in both our souls
We’re growing up not getting old

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