Any Day

I would take you back
Any day 
There's nothing you need to do
Nothing to say
And I've gotta tell ya 
I've always felt this way 
When you're in the room
And everything's okay
Do you mean to move
And just sashay
Do you plan it 
When you look at me that way 
As you glance up 
So innocent and wise 
There's no way you could fail 
In any of you tries
Coz my heart was yours 
Sine before we met
And I remembered something 
You seem to forget 
And it hadn't manifested
As of yet 
But you're the moment
On which I bet
And I dunno 
If the ground has been set
But you're the one real thing 
Caught in my net 

Photo by Photo by Christopher Sardegna on

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