Secret Admiration

I was struck by your statuesque 
But I was scared of what comes next
And I can see it in your eyes
Does he really see through my disguise
That I’ve already gone and given away
A heart that only leaves to stay
And now I’m fake frowns and insolent
Following everywhere he went
Coz I can love you at a distance
It’s the path of least resistance
And I can study runes and tropes
Let you be the sail I set to the winds of hope
And you could call it creepin’
I’m staring at you when I should be sleeping
And then I stand out in the sun
Do you think I could be the one
But he’s looking beyond me to something else
So I try to be the ice that melts
But I’ll always be simply glacial
And you’re saying bye to Rachel
And I’m wondering what you think of me
If there was any way to let you see
The loyalty you’ve won from my steady soul
I’ll love you better when we get old
And you shake me out of your hair
But don’t you know that I’m still there
And I can be whatever you need
I can be the air that you breathe
Or just someone you pass by
I’ll look disinterested if you want me to try
And you’re not as fearsome as you project
And I’m not as neat as you’d expect
Is it time to maybe let you see
That you’ve really got a hold on me
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
I’ll let you hear what I don’t say

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