The Heavens

The Heavens 
Wait on no man’s elevens
They’re open sky
Professing what can never die
Great spaciousness
To the space within they do address
Their words
I’m silent tones
Remind you that
You’re never alone
But held by
A beauty you don’t even try
To find because it’s just there
A depth too fathomless to care
About the wear and tear
That the body sustains
There is openness beyond the rain
And you will see them again
So don’t tear yourself to shreds in your room
Yesterday is as close as tomorrow is soon
And we’re all resting in God’s palm
Let go of the grief and trust the calm
Of knowing that you’re one with peace
And there are some things that never cease
Like Love endures beyond the realm
Of death that seems to overwhelm
As you hold together what you know
But you have to let them go
And let the night turn into day
It’s supposed to be this way
And the rock of ground you stand on
Will testify that they’re not gone
Only holding space for you
You didn’t think it was anything else, did you?

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