Soul Brother

There were years I walked in UCD
Without anyone really recognizing me
And I fell in love with the dream of someone
He calls me friend, I call him the one
And we walk paving stones of grey
He looks in my eyes and I’m okay
But a little bit shy
I try to scrutinize you but I don’t know why
You let it go free as you stare at me
And I’m appalled at my own insecurity
But he bought me a drink
And that made me think
That maybe we could be something more
I stop my car, he stops at the door
And we both stare into each other’s eyes
Like there are no lies
And in that moment I knew it was true
That you had been thinking about me and you
And I don’t know how you are but I hope you’re well
Are you indifferent, I could never tell
Coz you’re one way, then you’re another
But you’ve got the feel of a soul brother
And I’d be there to catch your hand
I hope you understand
That I have a wandering heart
I’m always finding paths that I can start
To pick up a trail but I would be true
To the moments that I shared with you
Like that time I woke up and caught your eye
I had messy hair in the bed where I lie
And you’re sitting just away from me
I sink down so he won’t see
My sheepish look to find him there
In the girls dorm without a care
Or when you were chillin’ with the boys
You kinda silence all the noise
And I’m scittish and scare easy, I’m all for the run
But I always swore I’d come back for this one
Coz he loved me, I know it, I can feel the fire burn
And he’s red as the hearth as the axis turn
And I may be betrothed to an old flame
But I’m always remembering your name
And could we be close in some way you decide
I’m not messin’ round with that look in your eyes
But I don’t know how to promise what I don’t understand
And I have to say there’s another man
With eyes like a storm or a hurricane
But the truth is that I left you in vain
Coz you’re good to me, you’re kind and you never rust
You’re the kind of steady in which I can trust
And I need to know just what we were
I let you see the love I’m for
As we cascade in endless light
How have you been, are you alright?

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