The Checking Machine

I remember the day the checking started
Like some love that was imparted
As if I watch every move
Of everything as if to prove
I could solve every problem
Save myself from the doldrum
But it only got worse and more severe
Now there’s always danger near
That I can negate with a tap
Just don’t question what I’m at
Coz it’s totally normal or don’t you see
Not for everyone but it is for me
And I’m balancing on a rope so tight
As long as I’m steady I’m alright
But I don’t have the room to fight
I must concentrate on the light
And that’s what it’s like to have a reverie
From ten years old to twenty three
And it’s not what you might imagine
It’s kind of like dealing with some sort of dragon
That chases me down and holds me to account
But I’ve got to be careful because the amount
Of stuff that could go wrong
Is washed away by this song
And I run the risk of walking through
This disorder I’ve become accustomed to
And letting it go means something new
A land untraveled but you
Are aching just to follow
And now you let everyone know
So that they can see that you
Struggle with the nighttime too
That the darkness has a way
Of breaking into the light of day
And if you trust and allow
The Divine to take control somehow
You’ll be carried like a wave
The purpose of His Love to save
And walk away from all the chasms
Like bulletproof teflonic has ‘ems
Taking care of all you’ve known
I don’t know but it is just shown
Like colours of a new born sky
I trust the Truth and the lie
Is washed away from me once more
You gotta love what you adore

Photo by Colton Duke on

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