You were simply so good to me 
Don't think I forget
And the remnants of your kindness
Stay with me yet
And were we meant to be
I'm not sure
But you've got a heart
That is wellspring pure
You've got eyes
That show your depth
And I read souls
Yes, I'm an adept 
And where are you now
I guess I won't know 
I'm not clicking buttons
To follow the snow
But you were the winter 
Of 2010
And I remember it 
All over again 
Like how you
Talked about Cian 
But you're the only
One that I'm seeing 
And you caught my attention
With the laugh that you have
I'm sorry if I left 
You any kind of sad
And I just want you to know
I never wanted to be
Anything other 
Than what you see 
And you shine
From your core so deep 
There's a penny from Liverpool
That I keep 
Somewhere in a box
Secreted away 
I didn't have 
The strength to say 
That I'm unsure of the years 
Or unsure of the time 
But it is crushing 
That you're not mine
With your pink t-shirt
And your athlete arms
The strength of your will 
To keep me from harm 
As I chased you down
Then ran away 
I guess what I'm doing 
Is wanting to say 
That your eyes are tremendous
And I can't keep my own 
From the pathways they
Always seem to be going 
Would you just 
Love me forever
And forsake the rest
Oh, what an endeavour!
And, by my word, 
I see the light 
That is springing 
From your heart so bright 
And I don't know if I 
Would measure up 
I just want you to know
You're epic, my love
And my dreams go walking 
Down the old path
I know it's been time
But what are you at? 
Do you still make the team 
Or go chasing down birds 
I'm not sure you meant
Those kind of words
But would you be my friend
It's more than it seems
You're true and you're honest
You're my cool beans 

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