Okay, Deal

Okay, deal 
I'll give you leave to feel
Whatever you want for me
Ok, thanks, he says, at least I'm free
And mind you take that liberty
To be the script that's written to be 
Anyhow, I ask 
Do you grasp
The weight of what you suggest
I never planned to be the one next 
But your eyes just gaze
And I just save
Time for a moment with you
And I could never pay my due 
But I let on a little of the colossal inside
I don't know why I had to hide
The truth from your eyes 
I'm building bricks into walls with tries
But he just shrugs
I'm not missing any hugs
But I spy a design in the corner of his grasp 
Would you be everything I ask 
And desperation is a subtle thing 
Do you think you'd wear the ring 
That I would present to you 
If only I knew what to do 
Oh, exasperation
Why are you never at the train station 
I keep waiting for your arrival 
But you're more concerned with the bridle
That you wear to lug the cart
What is really in your heart
You wish to know? 
Why did you go, he exorts
And I am vague and out of sorts
I didn't leave you as such 
It's just I sort of felt too much
And felt a faint coming on
I know the excuse won't go wrong
Quiet for a moment, he subsides
And I just silently abide
In a moment that is ours
His glance moves to the flowers
In the secret garden behind the wall
Man, why'd you have to be so tall? 
But he retains the open stare 
I never knew that you were there
Okay I give you leave to see
There are simply oceans of me 
And down on one knee
Is just one day of history 
He barely knows how to reply
I have touched that which does not die
Now it's everything that I spy
Entirely beyond the lie
Humans content to believe
Keep crying on another's sleeve
Enough for you?
He smiles and says
I choose you

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