Sending My Love Letters

In love with the stars
As they paint my life 
Do you think that Jupiter
Knows me tonight 
And does the weight of the sky 
Move my old bones
Sinking in 
Like pebbles and stones
As stratospheric
Revolves the Earth 
A spin that we're in 
As millennia skirt 
The days that we're breathing 
In forests, in air
Does God see the candle
When you light a prayer
And beautiful and deep 
Are the oceans serene
On the planet that is
Both water and green
And age old and honest 
Are the lives that we live
There's nothing that creation
Doesn't know how to give
As the Universe holds us
In its warm embrace
I'm full of the dreams
That I long to chase
But I just stay still 
And drink in the sky
Look how love shines
And I don't know why
As it holds everything 
From up on high
Does the Cosmos believe
I think I'll say aye!
I think I'll say yes
I think I'll agree
With the will of Almighty
The Divine Decree
Some call it fate
Some call it destiny 
I just call it Truth 
And let it rest on me 
As the seasons are changing 
But it only seems so 
From the hemisphere
That you know 
Because it all is One
We're all united
And it's been years
Since the sun was ignited
To burn as a sphere 
Of light to chlorophyll
We drink in the life 
It gives us to fill 
Up our glasses 
With our share of heat
I bow my head down 
At Holy Feet 
As the wind gives leave
To blow in a new breeze
And I am amazed 
At the heart that it frees
To worship and kneel 
To praise and adore 
I love what I'm given 
But I don't know what for   

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